DIY Big Brother Gift


I know a family that will be having a little one soon. The big brother is a little nervous and I think he feels that he’s going to be left behind. So as much as I wanted to do something special for the new little one, I also wanted to make sure the big brother knew that he was cared for as well.

I didn’t have too big of a budget to use for a gift, so I hit up the Dollar Tree, of course. Which, you should note, now takes manufacturers coupons! I definitely used these for other items outside of my big brother gift, but that’s just a little side note 😉

At the store, I had to think of things this new big brother would really find fun and would enjoy. But not only that, I wanted to find things that would keep him occupied so that Mama could rest peacefully. This ruled out any noisy toys, or items that he might need help or close supervision with. Quite the task, right? Though it wasn’t as hard as it sounds, you just have to look closely and think like a child!!

Here’s what I came up with for his big brother gift:

I’ll explain it here in case you’re not sure what something is… In the gift he will find:

  • A Disney Junior coloring book filled with easy and hard pages to color
  • Crayons (no markers, you’re welcome mama) I got some jumbo color crayons in 10 different colors. That should be enough of a variety.
  • Spiderman hand sanitizer to put on his backpack
  • Spiderman hand soap to keep in the bathroom to encourage clean hands and no germs (new baby = no germs please!)

Of course I wanted to give him some other fun activities which included:

  • Gooey-gak stuff that any little boy would love
  • The ‘Klik Klak’ game should keep him occupied as he turns and twists it.

Little boys have such an imagination, I’m sure he will find more things to do with all these things as well.

And last but not least, I had to help him celebrate the reason why he’s receiving this little gift, which is the birth of his new little sibling. So I made him a big brother t-shirt that he can wear proudly! I had the iron-ons and I found a plain t-shirt at the dollar store. For his whole gift (which I then just put in a boyish blue tote), I spent about $7! It’s just a little price to pay and I think he will definitely get good use out of it.

What would you put in a big sibling gift? Did I miss anything important?


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