Baby Fat: Goals and Inspiration

And I’m not talking about the kind you lose when you go through puberty. I’m talking about the fat that is retained after having a baby! Ugh! FYI, this is purely a rant post…

I figured I would retain a little weight after having the baby and things wouldn’t look quite like they did before, but I never imagined it would be this bad. I look in the mirror and cringe. This is a feeling that I will never get used to and have decided I’m not going to try to get used to it. Instead, I am going to work my booty off! Literally! I have been making excuses for the last 4 months, ever since I started back at dental school. “I don’t have time.” “I’m too tired after a long day.” “I need to relax a little bit.” “I should be spending this time with my baby instead.” The list goes on. At this point, I am done making excuses. There are no excuses for me to be this size. So excuses over. Tomorrow I am dropping Bean off at the nanny’s at 6:30, driving to school, working out for 1 hour at the rec center, then starting clinic at 9:00. Done. And Tuesday, I will do it again.

My Goals:

  1. Fit back into the majority of my jeans from pre-pregnancy.
  2. Fit back into my smaller size scrubs.
  3. Have my wedding band + engagement ring fit the way they used to.
  4. Fit back into some of my smaller shirts.

That sounds really clothes driven, but I guess it is the best way for me to measure my progress. And obviously, if all those goals are accomplished I will be in better shape as well. I know that this won’t get me back to my pre-pregnancy body because, let’s be honest, some things will never look the same without some plastic surgery. I think I can handle that though. I suppose my beautiful baby girl was a decent trade-off 😉

Every goal needs a deadline, and mine is December 15th. Why that date? Welllllllll….I’m thinking we might possibly start trying for another baby in December. I want to be in good shape before I get pregnant again and NOT gain a ton of weight like I did with my first pregnancy.

Game Plan:
Weights, weights and more weights!!! I have a friend from college that teaches momma fitness. Unfortunately he is still in Madison, WI and I cannot take his classes. BUT I have signed up to receive his DVDs. They teach me a new workout routine every month using dumbbell weights, which I can use at the rec center (for FREE!). He also includes great (evidence based) education on nutrition and how different types of exercise effect your body differently. I really believe it will work!!! It better! 😉 So more weights and more protein here I come! (Find out more at Dustin Maher Fitness).

Ready. Go!


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