Make Your Cold Car Trips Easier With These Tips


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It is so cold outside. In fact today I believe the temp is at a high of 3°F outside. And it’s no secret that traveling this time of year is miserable. It’s cold, the roads are awful, and hauling kids around is especially difficult! So what are some ways to make it easier? You’re in luck, I have a few tips that will hopefully help you out!

Stock Your Vehicle Yes, I mean that in a very basic way. Have all the essentials loaded up and ready to go in case you need them. That means packing extra hats, mittens, coats, and blankets and whatever else you might see yourself needing. I purchased a medium-sized canvas tote box with a lid for these items, so that I can store them in my vehicle without creating a mess.

Car Seat Ponchos Last year, I posted about these amazing inventions and this year I appreciate them even more! If you have a child that goes in and out of a car seat (especially those with five-point harnesses, then a car seat poncho will be life changing for you! You can put them in and out of the car seat without worrying about bulky coats and adjusting straps.

Automatic Vehicle Start – This one one thing that is highly recommended by my friends at this Wisconsin Chrysler dealer. My husband gave me the gift of the automatic start a couple years ago and it has been wonderful to have! Let’s say you’re grocery shopping and you just have a couple more items to grab. Just hit the button and start your car, when you checkout and get out there it will be nice and toasty! Game changer.

Plan Your Trips – If you have the option, plan your trips around the warmer parts of the day. If you need a quick Target run or a few groceries, try to go around 1:00pm if you can. Hopefully the sun will be shining and it’ll help beat the cold. Along the same lines, if you have snow to deal with one day but know the next day will be better, try and get by without having to go out and save the trip until it will be a little easier.

Give Yourself Extra Time When it’s this cold outside, it’s smart to give yourself extra time on numerous fronts. Give yourself time to get places when the roads are bad (so you’re not stressing out), and extra time to bundle up the kids as well. All the bundling (and in our house, that is a struggle) can take lots of time.

What are your tips for conquering the cold this winter? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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