Hacks for Your Road Trip


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We’re planning a road trip pretty soon here, and so I’ve been searching online for all kinds of road trip hacks that will make the journey a little smoother. Here are some of the ingenious tips that I found that we will be trying out!

  1. When you’re on the road, check out airbnb.com for impromptu, unique and affordable accommodations. It’s a way to get off the beaten trail and check out somewhere fresh! Plus, it’s generally more affordable than a hotel.
  2. Pack that small cooler. You want fresh lunch meat and veggies along the way? It’s much better than the fast food that you’d have otherwise. Sometimes it can be refreshing to have something wholesome vs. quick.
  3. Dare yourself to pack lighter. This might mean leaving some toys or unnecessary items behind, but you’ll thank yourself later when you would have only ended up using that big air mattress maybe once.
  4. Pack enough charging cords for everyone in the family. Yes, everyone gets a charging cord, it saves stress and arguments between the kids and if you really want to go crazy, invest in one of those splitters that allow you to fit two USB cords into one charger. It’ll be a life safer if you actually need to fit a lot of cords into one or two ports.
  5. Everyone brings one reusable cup. Don’t you get tired of pushing around fast food cups, plastic water bottles, or soda cans? Have everyone bring one reusable cup for the journey to use along the way. It helps get rid of garbage and cut down on clutter.

I can’t wait to take our family road trip. What tips do you have to add to this list?

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