How to Entertain Your Kids in the Car


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We’ve all been there, haven’t we? You’re in the car and one kid is screaming because the other kid is picking on them or has something that they want, they’re all hungry or thirsty, or suddenly have to use the restroom even though you asked them to go numerous times before you left. Sound familiar? A lot of these issues can be avoided if the kids only had an outlet to entertain them. Our favorite Madison Wisconsin Ford dealer offers a few ideas to keep your sanity on the road.

Movies or Shows

I don’t think it’s any surprise that movies and/or TV shows can help pass the time on long road trips. In fact, there’s a reason why they have started to come standard in family vehicles now days. If your vehicle didn’t come with a DVD player, there are plenty of other options that will work just as well. You can purchase video players to go on the backs of headrests (which is nice because then each child gets to watch their own show) or install it as an aftermarket option. One trick that we’ve managed to pull off is to use a large iPad and download movies or TV shows on them before trips, then place it on a headrest (we use a GearTie to hold it in place, but really anything similar would work).


This was always one of my favorite ways to pass time in the car. Whether you had toddlers or teenagers, stocking up at the library before you go is always a great idea. Especially if you are going a long distance, a wide variety of books can go a long way!

Travel Games

These have gotten really advanced over the years. Back in my day, we had magnetic tic-tac-toe and checkers. Now you can find magnetic puzzles, I spy, travel hangman, chess, magnetic chalkboards, dry erase boards, travel bingo, scavenger hunts and more. Just search for ‘travel games’ on Amazon and prepare to be amazed.

Video Games

Yes, I know. We love to hate video games, but there are times when they can be put to good use. Long car rides is one of those times! There are lots of options out there now days, including anything you can download on an iPod or iPhone. The Nintendo DS is also a popular option for gaming in the car.

Word Games

Kick it old school with the games that we all used to play in the car. Everything from the license plate game, to the celebrity game, I spy, 20 questions, and lots more. Google search ‘road trip games’ and get the down low on all the fun games the kids are loving these days.

With so many fun distractions, you’ll all be to your destination before you know it!

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