DIY Car Seat Protectors


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Have you ever taken out your child’s car seat just to find old fruit snacks, crusty food and who-knows-what? It happens to me every time that I need to move my daughters car seat for one reason or another. You never realize how much stuff seeps down, around and under the car seat – it’s magical really. Well after discovering these little messes a time or two, I decided it was probably time to invest in a car seat protector. You can purchase them, yes, for somewhere around $20 but I’ve found a lot of them don’t really cover the amount of area that you need.

Our New York Cadillac dealer recommends preserving the seats of your vehicle by using a protector under the car seats. To get the perfect car seat protector for your vehicle, the best thing to do is make it customized for your needs. There are many different options out there to choose from, so I wanted to offer a few different designs to pick from. Here are some of my favorite picks!

5. The Beach Towel Conversion – One brilliant soul on Pinterest shared an image of repurposing a few beach towels and utilizing them as car seat protectors. I had just seen a deal at Walmart for $3 beach towels, so this seemed like a very affordable (and insanely easy) way to create your own car seat protectors. All she did was simply lay them out on the seat, laying them perpendicularly from bottom of the seat to top. Each seat got it’s own beach towel, which is smart because when one seat neats it changed, then you only need to remove one towel. And bonus: they’re completely and easily washable.

4. An Old Yoga Mat – Have an old yoga mat you don’t use anymore? This woman turned it into an amazing seat protector by cutting the mat down to size to fit her seat. It saved her the mess and the permanents dents of having a bulky car seat rest on it for extended periods of time. Genius!

3. Sew Up A Storm – If you have skills in sewing, then this tutorial is for you! She breaks it down easily into simple steps and creates a beautiful (and long) car seat protector that can be used for multiple car seats. The bonus here is that you can pick any type or color of fabric that you want and of course it’ll be washable as well. Very smart.

2. One Seat Covers All – This car seat protector tutorial uses a laminate (for easy cleaning) and fabric as well. It’s a little more elaborate as it requires sewing but it is simple sewing for the most part! I love that this one is great for bucket seats or single car seats so if you don’t need a protector lining your whole back seat, this is the one you’ll love!

1. The Car Seat Back Protector – If you’re more concerned about your forward-facing child kicking and making a mess of the seat in front of them than you are the actual seat they’re sitting on, this tutorial creates the perfect solution. A simple guideline to create a drop-down protection for the seat back that is foolproof!

I hope these tutorials help to give you the solution you’re looking for in maintaining the cleanliness of your vehicle! I know for me, it’s made a big difference to have something like this in place to help make messes easier to clean, and to keep the vehicle in better shape as well.

Best wishes for a clean car!

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