DIY Car Air Fresheners


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This last weekend, I took a little road trip to the mall with my daughter. When we got back in the car after shopping, I noticed my car had a stinky smell to it. I think it’s a combination of having my dog ride in the back to the park with us the day before, and then with the cold air lately, it just has gotten a little musty since the windows are always up and the truck is kind of boxed up.

I don’t really like buying air fresheners, because you never know how they’re actually going to smell in your vehicle, and most of them can be a little overbearing. So with the help of my favorite Washington Ford dealer, I set out to find some DIY options, that would be affordable but effective too!

  1. Essential oils on a clothes pin – So you’ve probably seen those little clips from the big brands that clip onto your vent, they release oils and make your car smell good. Well you can actually make something similar of your own at home! Just use a hot glue gun to secure 3-4 mini pom-poms onto the top of a clothes pin. Once the glue has dried, use 1-2 drops of essential oils onto each little pom pom. Secure the clothes pin to your vent, and when you turn your heat/air on in your car, it will release the essential oil smell throughout your car!
  2. Wool felt with essential oils – Similar to the previous option, this one uses essential oils to naturally freshen your car. However, instead of the clothes pin, you cut out a wool felt shape of your choice, punch a hole in the top of it to run a string through. Put 3-4 drops of oil on the felt, and hang from your rearview mirror or gear box.
  3. Party favor bags with laundry scent boosters – Have you seen the bottles of Downy Unstoppables in the supermarket? They’re little tiny beads that go in the wash with your clothes to make them smell extra-amazing. Well when you put them into little mesh party favor bags, they make the perfect DIY car air freshener! Place them under your seats, in the door compartments, or in your cup holder for a very yummy-smelling car.
  4. Mini mason jars filled with wax melts. So one super easy way to make your car smell better is to put scented wax melts into a small mason jar. Drill a few small holes in the lid, and place in the cup holder of your vehicle. This works very well if you live in a climate that it’s regularly warm outside. As the sun comes out and the heat warms your car, the wax melts will do just that (melt) and release it’s scent. Genius!

What ideas do you have for making your own car air freshener? I’d love to hear what you’ve tried in the comments below!


Easy DIY car air freshener
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