Car Gadgets That Makes Moms Life Easier


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As a mom, I am all-ears for anything that will make my life even a little bit easier. So when there’s something that even makes car rides or trips less painful, then a little piece of me rejoices! So what is out there now days that can help us moms out in the car? Thanks to my friends at this Wisconsin Dodge dealer, I have a list of my favorite gadgets made for automobiles.

Cell Mount Holder – This isn’t directly linked with having kids, but let me just tell you. Sometimes I forget my phone because I assume it’s in my bag and it’s not. With a cell mount holder, you instantly set your phone on it when you get in the car, and it makes directions and maps that much easier. No more looking down – you can clip this to a high place on your dashboard and always be able to know where you’re going. An added bonus, it’s not flying around in a cup holder, on your armrest or on the passenger seat. Not that I know that firsthand, it’s just a guess…

Back Seat Organizer – These organizers hang on the back of the seat in front of your child and holds things like books/notebooks, cups/drinks, toys, iPads, and anything else that your kids lose to the black hole in the car, never to be found again. I even love that it has many have the spots for iPads so they can watch shows as you travel.

The Zubie – This little gadget is pretty neat, it gives you maintenance alerts (oil, low battery, engine diagnostics) and even allows you to request roadside assistance from the app. It also provides location services, fuel finder, and certain models even offer wi-fi.

Weego Portable Power – This awesome little gadget the size of your pocket has the power to charge your phone, jump start your car or signal down help with it’s flashlight. At just $120, this neat tool only loses 5% battery for every month that it’s stored. Since space is previous in a vehicle, you’ll appreciate not having to lug around full-size jumper cables.

Bluetooth Speaker – If your vehicle isn’t equipped with a bluetooth speaker, you may want to look into installing one aftermarket. These gadgets are so handy to have while driving. They allow you to go handsfree for less distractions while driving the kids around.

What car gadget makes your life easier? Leave a comment below!

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