The Best SUV’s with Great Gas Mileage


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When I was in the market for a sport utility vehicle (SUV) a few years back, I was driving about 90 miles to work and home, round trip. Over the course of a week, I’d log 450 miles just commuting! Add that up for a full month and that’s just under 2,000 miles. That’s a lot of gas!

So I wanted a vehicle that maximized gas mileage while still providing me the room to fit the cargo I hauled around during the week or weekends. After some research with my New Jersey Dodge dealer, I narrowed it down to several options that were my favorite picks! Here’s a list of the best SUV’s with great gas mileage.

Honda CR-V

The new 2017 Honda CR-V gets 28 city/34 highway when it comes to gas mileage. However if you want to opt for the AWD (all-wheel drive) you’ll sacrifice one MPG which really isn’t a huge loss if you think about it. Plus, with Minnesota winters, I demand AWD in my vehicles.

MSRP $24,000

Toyota RAV4

Although on the smaller side of the SUV club, the RAV4 still gets amazing gas mileage. Currently, the hybrid version receives a 30/34 MPG score while the regular model gets somewhere around 23 highway/30 city.

MSRP $24,400 Standard
             $29,000 Hybrid

Mazda CX-3

The CX-3 offers 29 city/34 highway (MPG) and is one of the most comfortable SUV’s on the market. It also received a 9.5/10 on the Kelly Blue Book consumer rating scale and excellent crash test ratings as well. I’ve heard great things about the CX-3 and it is a close consideration for me when choosing my next vehicle.

MSRP $19,900

GMC Terrain

For a SUV that gets good gas mileage (21 city/31 highway) this vehicle is surprisingly spacious. It’s also praised for it’s quiet ride and ultra-comfortable seating. If you want a little bit bigger vehicle along the same lines, definitely check out the Acadia which gets 21/26 MPG.

MSRP $24,000

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Yes, you knew the list wouldn’t be complete without the Highlander making an appearance. This beautiful hybrid gets 28/30 MPG even with an AWD drivetrain and it seats up to 8 people as well.

MSRP $36,000

There are great hybrid options out there these days that allow for the comfort of a spacious SUV with the gas mileage that we all crave. I hope these suggestions help you find your next perfect vehicle match!

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