Auto Hacks For Your Car in Winter


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Winter has officially arrived! Of course, it comes with it’s pro’s and con’s but whether you love it or hate it, we still need to acknowledge what comes along with it and how it affects us. As with anything in life, there are clever ways to address the issues that the colder weather can have on your new vehicle. So without further ado, here are some neat winter auto hacks to consider trying out this season.

auto hacks for your car in the winter

  1. Use long socks as windshield wiper covers. If you park outside in the winter, this hack might be your new favorite. When you tilt up your wiper blades at night, throw on a long sock over them as well. It will help prevent any ice or snow from hardening on them!
  2. DIY window de-icer. Do you ever struggle to scrape your windows? Here is one way to help make life a little easier. In an empty spray bottle, mix together rubbing alcohol with a few drops of dish detergent. When you need to scrape off your windows, spray this de-icing mixture on it first. Let it sit for a couple minutes, then follow up with your scraper. It will make your job much easier!
  3. Use a credit card (or any card) as a scraper. I’ve many times forgotten an ice scraper when I needed it the most. Luckily, the hard plastic of your precious credit cards can act as a brilliant replacement. Just be careful not to bend the card or you might need to order yourself a new one afterwards.
  4. Unfreeze your car locks with hand sanitizer. This hack is all over the web, but it’s because it can really work. The rubbing alcohol in the mixture can help to melt any ice built up in your lock.
  5. Park your car facing East. Going to work? Park your windshield facing East and hope for sunshine. The sun can help melt (or keep) your windshield clear with it’s natural warmth.
  6. Use kitty litter when stuck in snow. Not only can having kitty litter in your vehicle help to keep interior fog levels low (by absorbing moisture), but it can also come in handy if you happen to go off the road. Simply spread the mixture under and behind your tires to help create some traction to get unstuck.
  7. Use shaving cream to prevent fog on the inside of your windows. It’s true, this little hack can be a lifesaver when your visibility inside gets a little, well, foggy. By spreading shaving cream over your windows and then wiping it off, it leaves behind a component that will help prevent your windows from fogging up.

We hope these winter car hacks help you stay safe and make your life easier this season! Have one to add to the list? Leave a comment below!

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