5 New Car Gadgets Worth Considering


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It seems like every time you blink, there is a new gadget out there for your car. Whether it’s for performance, music, videos for the kids, you name it; it’s out there. Business Insider estimates that by 2020, 75% of the vehicles shipped globally will be able to connect to the internet. But what is actually worth considering these days? Here are five new car gadgets you’ll want to check out, brought to you by your favorite New York Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealer.

Pioneer In-Dash Receiver – This handy tool allows you to view your smartphone on your display screen so you can manage things like navigation, maps, google, and music straight from your phone on the touchscreen. ($528.00+)

Precision Parking Park Zone – Do you have a tight squeeze into your garage? Then you’ll appreciate this little ‘stoplight’ mechanism from Precision Parking. Simply install the sensor with the traffic light on top of it where you can see from your vehicle, then follow the light until it tells you to stop! Easy peasy and no more guesswork. ($19.99)

Delphi Connect – This neat little gadget plugs into your car’s OBD-II connector port to gain the benefits of this device. After it is installed, you can always know the car’s location, have a smartphone key fob, have a personal wi-fi hotspot, and more. This is a great gadget for parents or business owners! ($99.99 or $199.99 with the hotspot)

FRiEQ Air Purifier – Does your car (or possibly someone you know’s car) always have a certain bad smell to it? With this little guy, you can eliminate odors from dust, pollen, smoke, etc. Just plug it into your cigarette lighter and it emits odor-fighting power to destroy the odors in your vehicle. ($19.99)

iHUD Head-Up Display Windshield Projector – This awesome gadget sits on your dashboard, and projects your phone as a heads-up display onto your windshield. Now you can view your navigation right in your field of view, instead of glancing down at your phone! It’s a much safer way to get places. ($411.00)

What fun car gadgets have you heard about lately? Leave a comment below and share!

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